First Visit


We're thrilled you're planning to visit The Proving Ground Bouldering Gym for the first time! Introducing people to the sport of climbing makes us so happy. Here are some things you should know as you prepare for your visit.

1. Everyone who visits The Proving Ground bouldering gym will need to sign a waiver, whether they plan to climb or spectate. It's nice to have this done before you arrive, but can be done at the gym using one of our iPad waiver Stations.     Waiver

2. Most first time visitors purchase a day pass once they arrive. This allows you access to the facility for the ENTIRE day (during open hours). Prices for day passes can be found here.

3. The only gear we require are climbing shoes. If you don't have your own, you can borrow from us. Gear rentals are free for first time visitors. We also have chalk bags available for rent (chalk helps you have extra grip when grabbing climbing holds).

4. Once you're checked in, our staff will give you a thorough safety orientation. It will take about 5 minutes - you'll learn important facility rules and the basics of safe bouldering.



Climbing Terminology

It can be helpful to know some of the climbing lingo - but it's certainly not a requirement!

Guide To Bouldering Terms


Here are some of the common questions we get about our facility and bouldering. If you have more questions that aren't on this list, just give us a call!

What is bouldering? Is it different than climbing?

Bouldering is rock climbing on a relatively short wall, eliminating the need to use ropes and harnesses. At TPG our climbing walls range from 12 to 18 feet tall, with some routes that go to the top and others that finish lower. When people go bouldering outside, they use small cushioned mats called crashpads, and move them around to be directly in the fall zone for the climb. In our gym, the entire floor is a giant, squishy pad!

Do I need to make reservations?

Only for parties and events. Day passes can be purchased at any time during operating hours. We recommend large groups (10 or more people) call in advance so we can be ready for your arrival.

Is it hard?

As with any physical activity you're trying for the first time, there's a learning curve with climbing - but you'll have fun while you're learning! At TPG we place a difficulty grade on each route, ranging from V0 (the least difficult) all the way up to V12 (the most difficult). If it's your first time climbing, rest assured there are plenty of beginner routes you’ll enjoy working through. Once you’re ready to push it, there will be intermediate/advanced routes ready and waiting for you!

Do I need a partner to climb?

Nope! Since there’s no roped climbing in our gym, there is no need to arrange a partner!

How long should I plan to be at the gym?

Most first time visitors tire out around the 1.5 to 2 hour mark. Limiting factors are muscle fatigue and sore fingers. 

Is climbing just for kids?

Heck no! Climbing is a wonderful individual sport that increases your cardiorespiratory fitness, builds muscle, improves flexibility and balance, and enhances problem-solving skills NO MATTER YOUR AGE. It's also super fun.