Join us Mondays from January 23 - February 27 for a weekly night of fun & casual competition!  There are mens and womens divisions for all abilities levels, and a kids division for anyone 10 & under!  This year we will be competing without partners. Everyone will recieve a league logo mug, and have the option to add an additional  long sleeve or zip up hoodie.

The price for league is in addition to entry to the gym - membership, day pass or punch card required!

(Members of Urbana Boulders & First Ascent Peoria pay only $45)


How it works:
Our setting team will reset 2 walls with a total 10-12 boulders for each league night.  2 walls and fewer boulders allow easier distancing with a larger than usual crowd.  Each will be tagged with a number and designated as a league route, but they are not graded or in order of difficulty.  You will work on your own or with aid of our TPG community, trying them all and cheering each other on.  Each route will be worth 1 point, and there will be a halfway point on each route that will be worth 1/2 point.  There will also be a wildcard route that will be worth bonus points for sending! (No half points for a wildcard route!) A perfect score would be 13 points in a 12 route scenario (including the bonus point wildcard route).  Prizes for top 3 finishers in each division!

Expect something special each week - live music, a cookie baking contest, special routes, food, and more!

If you are unsure about which division to sign up for, check out the guide below!