October 29, 2022

Bouldering Competition
Saturday, October 29th  /  2-5pm  

(finals at 6:15pm)

We invite climbers of all ages and abilities to come join us for a fun evening of friendly competition!  There are Men's & Women's divisions for all ability levels, and a Youth division for all kids 10 & under.  

Prizes for top 3 finishers in each division, with a finals round for the Advanced & Elite divisions!



Recreational     V0-V2
Intermediate    V3-V5
Advanced          V5-V7
Elite                     V7+
Youth                  Ages 10 & under



$55 - Competitor
$10 - Spectator

fees include entry for finals!




Each division will have roughly 15 routes assigned to them.  Most of the routes will fall into the denoted grade range, but there will be a couple that are a little harder, and a couple that are a little easier.  For example, the Intermediate division might have two V2s, three to four each of V3, V4 & V5, and two V6s. Climbers will have 3 hours to climb as many of these routes as they can!  Each route will have a FINISH tag which would earn you a 1 point, and a ZONE tag that will earn you a half point.  When you reach either of those tags, you'll have 2 fellow competitors initial that they saw your climb.  You will also track how many attempts you made on each route before finishing or zoning it - this will be used to break ties!

1:00pm   - Check in begins
1:45pm   - Rules meeting for competitors
2:00pm  - Climbing begins
5:00pm  - Climbing ends - turn in your scorecards!
5:30pm  - Finalist Annoucements for Advanced & Elite divisions
                 - Awards for Recreational, Intermediate & Youth divsions
                 - Enjoy free beverages & food trucks onsite!
6:15pm   - Finals Begin!
7:15pm   - Awards for Advanced & Elite divisions
7:30pm  - Continue enjoying beverages and the company of friends new & old!

We require all competitors and spectators to sign a liability waiver!  

Sign a waiver here

Thank you SO much to our generous sponsors!

  • Children's Hospital of Illinois
  • Town & Country Bank
  • Destihl
  • Young America Realty
  • Kinetik Climbing
  • Inspyr
  • Butora
  • Metolius Climbing
  • Boulder Babes Coalition
  • Seoul Mama
  • Rockstar AV