We are stoked to host our Second Annual Burden of Proof Boulder Competition! The Burden of Proof 2 is a Boulder Comp for all levels – Recreational (V0-V2), Intermediate (V2-V4), Advanced (V4-V6) and Elite (V6+) with 65+ boulders set – about 15 per division. Prizes for winners of each division, plus FINALS for Advanced and Elite in the evening.

This competition is split into two competition sessions to keep our capacity limited – Morning and Afternoon Sessions. For this reason, we require registrations for both competitors and spectators.

This competition is Redpoint Format – Each boulder in the competition is assigned a point value according to its relative difficulty to other competition boulders. Each competitor will record the value of boulders they’ve completed and their final score will be the sum of the highest 5 values. Attempts on each boulder will be logged as well, in an effort to break ties. If you complete the boulder on your first try, you get the full point value. For each additional attempt, 0.1 points will be deducted from the score. Competitors will note attempts on their scorecard and all completed boulders must be initialed by 2 people who witnessed it.

Registration Price:

Competitor Fee: $50.00 ($45.00 for TPG Members)

Spectator Fee: $10 per competition session (Morning or Afternoon)

There will be NO day-of registrations for both spectators nor competitors. All spectators need to purchase a spectator pass for either 1 or both of the competition sessions. For both competitors and spectators, please check-in at your designated time (check-in for both sessions begin 30 minutes prior to climbing/competing time). You will be asked to leave after scoring and prizes are announced for your time session to stay within capacity limits.  There are no refunds or session exchanges for competitors or spectators Рhowever, please email if there are any urgent schedule changes prior to the competition. Finalists (during finals at ~6:30PM) are guaranteed 1 free spectator to watch the entire finals rounds. We invite others to join us for finals on a first-come, first-served basis.

Division Sessions

We have two sessions for competing to keep our capacity under the threshold, so please choose your division wisely, as spots are limited per session and divisions cannot be changed. If you feel that you are on the cusp of two divisions, choose the more challenging one during registration. For those competitors who are climbing far beyond their chosen division grades, they will be bumped to the next category on competition day. Division changes cannot be made by competitors on the competition day.

Morning 9AM-12PM: Recreational (V0-V2) and Advanced (V4-V6)
Afternoon 2PM-5PM: Intermediate (V2-V4) and Elite (V6+)
Finals for Advanced and Elite at 6:30PM

Tentative Schedule

  • 8:30AM: Doors open for Morning Session check-in
  • 9AM-12PM: Morning Session Climbing time
  • 12PM-1PM: Scoring and Prize Announcement, competitors clear out
  • 1:30PM: Doors open for Afternoon Session check-in
  • 2-5PM: Afternoon Session Climbing Time
  • 5-6PM: Scoring and Prize Announcement
  • 6-6:30PM: Competitors clear out, finalists in Isolation, and spectators are welcomed back in for….
  • ~6:30PM: FINALS!

To keep our climbers and community safe, we will be following strict guidelines for capacity limits, masks and sanitization. Please view our Infection Prevention Plan below to see all of the things we’re doing and asking of the community.

Infection Prevention PlanInfection Prevention Plan

Thanks to our sponsors!

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